The humans have invaded the oceans for decades. They destroyed your home, they caught all your friends. 

Now it's time for revenge!

How to Play:

  • Press SPACE to jump
  • Hit a ship from above or below to damage it and free other fishes (if you hit it without jumping, they catch you)
  • Press 1 or 2  or click the corresponding buttons to execute swarm actions (if your swarm is large enough)

* Keys can be remapped

Can I play on mobile?

Sure. Use the Keymap button on the titlescreen and remap "jump" to a touch input / mouse input. Actions can be activated via the buttons on the top left.


Download 21 MB
Version 20220202.27 Feb 02, 2022
rage-against-the-marine-20220202.27-macos.dmg 39 MB
Version 20220202.27 Feb 02, 2022
Download 22 MB
Version 20220202.27 Feb 02, 2022


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Awesome game! Loved the audio and the controls. Visuals were nice - I especially liked the jumping animation and the fish rain. Unfortunately I didn't make it far enough to get the second type of fish swarm, but I enjoyed what I was able to play.

Thank you so much for playing and streaming!

Glad you had fun :)