movement - A/D & ←/→

jump - SPACE / ↑

throw - LMB (move mouse while pressing to change throwing direction)

switch bomb - RMB


  • If you get stuck somewhere in a wall due to excessive mushroom usage, you can restart the game and press "continue" on the titlescreen, all gamestate should be saved and you will be respawned in the house.


  • 20230316.21: fix bug where door to endboss could be opened with starter bomb, fix savefile not working on html export


mvm-19-20230412.22-macos.dmg 38 MB
Version 20230412.22 57 days ago
Download 20 MB
Version 20230412.22 57 days ago
Download 21 MB
Version 20230412.22 57 days ago

Development log


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fun game! would have been awesome if you'd be able to bounce on your own bombs, would make for some awesome movement. also the boss was cheeseable by standing in the corner. either way it was fun exploring the different biomes and enemies. great job!

Hey! Thank you for playing and your feedback!

Glad you had fun :)

Nice game!

also, I kinda broke it...


Thanks for the feedback!

The mushroom bug should be fixed now 😅

Nice game, liked it.
WOuld be even better if some sort of map existed and if after each boss fight you were told or visually reminded that you got a new bomb.
cause the first time I was cofnused why I beat the boss and there was no item to pick up or what I was supposed to do now


Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it!

We just released an updated which addresses most of the things you mentioned!

this game is the bomb! i love how it doesn't hold the players hand and lets you explore the mechanics and the (vast) world on your own. there are lots of challenging puzzles to solve and hidden areas to discover. so what are you waiting for, put on your hardhat and start reclaiming your tasty mushrooms. just bring enough bombs and beware of the pesky goblins...

Thank you for the nice review!



Thanks, glad you liked it!